Classic shirting with a twist

One of the many wonderful things about Austin is it’s weather. Lately, our weather has been more like spring instead of winter, which is a good thing in my book! On this warm winter day, I was able bare some skin and just toss a light coat over my shoulders. I’m enjoying it before our next cold spell!

Classic Shirting

Something that is so timeless and classic as a button down shirt doesn’t seem like a trend, but it’s the fresh new twists and cuts that we are seeing that are trending. I love how just knotting the bottom of a classic button down shirt gives it a new look. A stripped shirt will give you a bit more of a casual feel that’s a little less structured. Then, pairing it with light denim and sneakers will be a perfect everyday outfit for running around with never-ending errands. Scroll down for more styling options for this closet essential.

Rag n Bone Button up Shirt

Rag n Bone Stripped shirt


Classic shirting with a twist

Rag n Bone Shirt

Styling Options

  • This white oversized shirt, with a sleeve detail, or this stunning one shoulder, tie shirt would look amazing with these leather/knit leggings (on sale for $277.00!) Add a classic heel for date-night or a casual, trendy sneaker for all day comfort.
  • This revamped structured button down   with a side bow, paired with a flirty skirt will give the shirt balance and can be a fun edgy feel!
  • Silk pants with the shine and softness of the fabric will contrast perfectly with this structured and flat cotton shirting. I love the long bow tails on the side!
  • The sleeve detail on this shirt would be perfect as an accent piece underneath this clean-lined sheath dress to let the cuff detail show and give you a custom layered look for winter.

The versatile button-down shirt is both flattering and easy to work with in a range of styles. Scoop up yours, if you haven’t already and start working it into your outfit rotations!

Thank you for reading! Do you love the new shirting trend? Let us know with a comment below!

xx Tammy

Photography by Cathy Suno

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