The Moto Jacket

This spring the moto jacket will make a big return as the go-to jacket. Here, I chose black and I get it black in the spring but for me, black is a year-round color and one of my favorites! I did find this one in a very pretty pink that would look great with an all white denim look. You could also, add these sneakers that would make it the perfect styled outfit for running around or heels for date night.

Ok back to my outfit above. I have been searching for a good moto and both of these do the trick. I also love the striped turtleneck under the moto jacket. It balances out the toughness of the outfit. From my last street style post, you all now know everything about the belt bag! I added one to this outfit because I had so many of you ask me how I would style mine. This is exactly how I would do it. Keep the outfit simple and streamlined and let that be the statement. I, of course, love the one by Gucci but if you don’t feel like you would wear the trend that often then definitely don’t invest and just scoop up this one by Topshop. I also found a couple extra moto jackets in the less department and I wanted to give you more options. So click here and here to shop more!

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Don’t forget the image above is shoppable! Just click on the pieces you love! 

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