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Equipment PJ top

Pajama Dressing

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Pajama Dressing

Night to Day or… Day to Night

Pajama dressing started a couple of seasons ago with cinched waist silk trousers, then the pretty lace trimmed camisoles, and midi slip-dresses. Now, designers have taken the trend to actually wearing your PJs’ during the day! Which takes a little getting used to until you try it, then you’ll be hooked! If you follow our Instagram, you will see Lisa and I have been wearing our pajama tops, lace camisoles, slip dresses, and slipper loafers pretty much non-stop! There is an effortless cool feeling about wearing your pajamas out on the street which we love!

Style Tips

  • Start incorporating this trend into your wardrobe with a single piece, such as a PJ top and add-on from there. I am obsessed with the one I’m wearing (here) in this post! Seriously, the slim cut, smooth silk fabric and print are hard to beat! I get so many compliments when I wear it out.
  •  So that you do not look like you just rolled out of bed, choose your accessories carefully. You can elevate the look with a pair of chic heels, stacked jewelry and a bold lip. To keep it casual, pair it with a high-waisted denim and loafers or a pointed toe flat shoe. You can also toss a leather jacket over your shoulders for a little edge!
  • Slip dressing is a favorite of mine! Keep it simple and minimal by just wearing a strappy heel with trench or bomber over your shoulders (see this Instagram post hereStrategic layering is the key here, so your again, you’re not looking like you shouldn’t leave the house;) A mock turtleneck under a plunging v-neck slip-dress will be the perfect touch. You can add OTK boots to shorter hem lines. If you layer a long cardigan over a delicate camisole (see post here), that will help you with coverage and stay warm in cooler weather.

The options are endless for styling this comfortable trend! Let me know in the comments below how you style your pieces.

Photography by: Cathy Suno

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