Style Chic Monochromatic

Chloe Drew bag, J-Brand jacket

Styling a Monochromatic Look

Elizabeth and James dress, tibi top

Style a Chic Monochromatic Look

When you are short on time, and want an effortless, chic look to impress, monochromatic dressing is your perfect go-to.  A classic, monochromatic look will never go out of style, for good reason.  Pair pieces of a single color pallet together, and you get a sophisticated, eye-catching look that is head-to-toe sleek. White is an easy, classic option, but you can go with whatever color works for you to get the same effect.  Blush pink, camel, and lavender are some of my favorites.  It’s actually kinda addicting when you start putting monochromatic looks into your rotation!

To nail this look choose REFINED FABRICS, LOOSER FITS, and SELECT ACCESSORIES CAREFULLY.  Choose a couple of different fabrics, textures and tones for interest.  The fit will look easy and effortless if left a little loose. As opposed to a fitted all-black outfit, looking edgy and sexy, which is an eye-catching look also if that is what you are going for.  Monochromatic dressing creates a perfect canvas to show off your new favorite accessories, like a new statement bag or the perfect shoe.  Personally, I tend to either go minimalist in jewelry (a simple choker) or one bold piece (a ring or chunky bracelet).

Ultimately, we all have these pieces already in our wardrobe! #Score!  We just need to combine them, and we will achieve a timeless look that elevates our style.

Thank you for reading!!  If you have ideas for styling monochromatic looks, we’d love to hear them!  See our other helpful styling tips here.

Photography by Cathy Suno

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