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Tailoring Is The Key

Almost every piece of clothing could, and should, have a subtle nip or tuck that will transform your look! If a piece of clothing doesn’t fit you well, it doesn’t matter who the designer is, or if it’s the perfect color, it just will seem a little off. As a result, you will not get the fits-like-a-glove feel that makes people take notice!

Here is the thing, designers have mannequins in every size. They cut their ready-to-wear clothing to fit that size but we are not always, or hardly ever, built like that mannequin! Celebrities will have their own mannequins at their private tailors and send their clothes there before they even try them on. They know good tailoring is essential to look like an A-lister!

Finding Right Tailor For The Perfect Fit

If you do not have a tailor you use, the best way to find one is to ask a salesperson at a local clothing boutique. They will point you in the right direction. The first time you go to a tailor, have them work on an inexpensive piece of clothing. Better to figure out on a Topshop piece than on a designer piece that they are not for you!

Ideas To Have Done For Perfect Styling

A good tailor can do so much more than hem pants! Here are some ideas to have your tailor work their magic on!

  1. Denim jeans hemlines are constantly changing it seems like! You can update your hemlines at the tailor for the split, high/low look. Take the waist in on your boyfriend jeans that have stretched out. If a tapered leg is what you want instead of a straight, they can do that as well.
  2. Dresses can be tailored in many ways! Ask yourself if you like the hemline, want a leg exposing slit, or would like to add or take away pockets. You should also look at the shoulders, waist, and armholes to see if they need adjustments.
  3. Linings can also be changed out to fit your needs! You can add a heavier lining to skirts and trench coats for cool weather. In addition, you can lighten up a heavy lining. White silk is a fabric that can benefit from a lining if not already there.
  4. Boots can be tailored at the cobblers! If you have small calves and ankles, have them fit to your leg. You can also change the height of a thigh-high boot to fit a shorter leg. The top of a suede boot will stop sliding down after wearing it for 10 min when you have that taken in.
  5. T-shirts and knits can also be altered to fit you better. Take in the sleeves, shoulders, and waist if needed.

So the next time you head to the fitting room, or your closet to try on clothes, keep in mind the magic a tailor can do with it to help give you the effortless, perfect style you want!

Below are images of clothes that Lisa and I have had tailored.

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Mixing Prints

The shorts were a bit long for me so I had them shortened!

Black Midi dress with bombe

The Perfect Spring Outfit Combination

This maxi dress was shortened to a midi dress.


choosing a timeless evening dress

Simple Tips For Choosing A Timeless, Classic Dress

This dress was taken in slightly at the waist through the bottom of the dress.

Off the shoulder white dress

Instagram post was taken in New York City

The sides of this dress were taken in just a bit to help with the fullness.


Tibi satin top

How To Style Satin For A Casual, Everyday Look

The boyfriend jeans here had the waist taken in for a better fit.

vince sneakers

Classic Shirting With a Twist

An updated hem was the only thing these Levi’s needed!

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