For Her

valentines gifts for her

Wallet // Pajama Set // Miansai Bracelet

 Slides // Slippers // Purse // Roses // Candle // Jennifer Fisher Bracelet

Ok, so this is a wish list for ourselves, a pretty good one at that! Some years, I’ll go ahead and just text a couple of things on my list for my hubby to shop for! Other times, I go buy it and tell him about it later. Hahaha! This year, a Gucci credit card case was at the top of the list. I love the small size for all the cross-body bags I carry. Also, silk PJ’s are a luxury you will love! If you haven’t grabbed a Miansai bracelet yet, you need to get one now! We are obsessed with them! Slides are going to be a trend for spring/summer, and this Gucci pair with pink flowers will go with almost every outfit this summer! A pink Gucci bag…yes please! These roses are so amazing and last a year! They come in a range of different colors and options.

For Him

valentines gifts

Unisex Cologne // Ear Buds // Book

Sneakers // RL Poker Set // Socks

The guys can be so hard to shop for! My guy never wants anything, which is even more of a challenge! I try to find everyday pieces he already uses, and take it up a notch in style for him! The cologne above is called Molecule, and has a soft scent that does not overpower, but it so addicting! You can borrow it also which is a bonus 🙂 A fresh pair of sneakers is always a perfect gift idea! If he loves poker, then this boxed set will surely make him a happy guy! These Alexander McQueen socks will give him a little edge to a business look.

    For The Littles

Last min valentines gift ideas

Stripped Shirt // Heart Purse // Hat // Moto-Car Drone // Pink Shirt

Bracelet // Heart Shirt // Craft Kit // Book // Sneaker

When it comes to buying for the littles, I typically get something small for each. I love these Crewcuts t-shirts with the hearts on them and for boys the heart breaker t-shirt is just too cute! A book always goes far with my littlest one! This craft set is so cute and will have your littles imagination in full gear for hours. A moto-car drone will be a big hit with both boys and girls!

We hope these ideas help with your last minute valentine gift buying! Wish we not always in a last minute rush to buy gifts buy that’s how we roll also!

Let us know in the comments below if you have other gift ideas. Thank you for reading!

xx Lisa and Tammy

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